Oct 20, 2021

Rome, Italy in 24 Hours

Rome, Italy. The first stop on our mini World Tour. Let me preface this by saying that we missed our first flight, so in order to get back on track for our itinerary, Marius quickly found another flight leaving the very next day. 

Travel Dates: Saturday, September 18th- Monday, September 20th.

Airline: We flew Turkish Airlines from Washington, DC (Dulles). We left around 10:30pm, September 16th and pretty much spent 24 hours traveling. There were plenty of movies to watch on the plane, however I slept the entire way (plane engines put me to sleep) lol. We had a transfer in Istanbul and ended up having to run to the connecting flight because our inbound flight left a late. We ended up arrived to Rome in the evening of September 18th around 7pm

Pandemic Travel Requirements: If you're planning to visit Italy be sure to check out the Entry & Exit Requirements. We traveled with our Covid Vaccination Cards, Passports and completed Passenger Locator Forms before arriving to each country  

Italy's Currency: EURO (1euro ~.86USD )

Hotel: We stayed a the Marriott’s St. Regis Rome Hotel and our room was stunning. The location of the hotel was perfect walking distance for both the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. 

Night 1

After getting settled and refreshed, we hit the town. Since it was Saturday night, our Uber driver from the airport suggested that we visit Trastevere. We hit the town and went to a little restaurant called Pasta e Vino Osteria which was located in a very busy alley (Rome has tons of alley's everywhere so it was totally normal). If you're looking for a restaurant surrounded by great night life, this is it. The pasta was authentic and delicious. After having dinner we walked around for a bit and I couldn't believe the amount of people we saw just hanging out. It was so crowded in some areas that I felt like I was in a concert or at the end of a sporting event.  

Day 1

  • Breakfast:We started our first day by having complimentary breakfast that was offered to us by  the hotel. The breakfast at the St. Regis was phenomenal and i was shocked to see that it was buffet style given the current Pandemic times. 
  • Activities: We walked to the Trevi Fountain which was only a 16 minute walk from the St.Regis Hotel. The Spanish Steps were only 8 minutes walking from the Trevi Fountain. We visited the Roman Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill which were all about a 25-30 minute walk from the St. Regis ( everything was so close I couldn't believe it)
  • Lunch: Head to Magia e Travi. Its a cute restaurant very close to the Trevi Fountain. We ordered Italian Margherita Pizza, Mozzarella Balls and Pasta with Red Sauce. Our server was an older Italian woman who was the sweetest. 
  • We skipped dinner as we were still full from lunch, so we ended up visiting a very popular icecream place called Giolitti where we had the most delicious gelati's.
  • We rented  Bird Scooters (which is another nice way to explore the city) and went to Piazza Venezia 

Day 2
Because our flight was at 11:20am, we woke up at 5am, got dressed and headed to the Trevi Fountain. 
We heard from numerous people that the Trevi Fountain is usually a ghost town early in the morning which is better for photos. We we go to the Trevi Fountain, it was maybe less than 10 people there (mostly photographers and their clients) looking the get great shots with less background noise.

  • Breakfast: The St. Regis Hotel 
  •  Taxi from our hotel to the Airport which was probably less than 50 euros (a flat rate)
Final Thoughts on Rome
I would definitely love to return to Rome. We missed seeing the Sistine Chapel, The Pantheon, Piazza Navona and a few other sites. I would say the maximum time to spend in Rome would be about 3 full days - because of how walkable the city is. All in all, I loved our Rome itinerary and feel like we did a lot in just one full day. 

Highlight of our Trip to Rome:
Actually walking inside of the Colosseum (especially the upper level) and visiting the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Those places are filled with History!

Oct 13, 2021

Five Countries, 15 Days (Pandemic Travel)

 Recently my boyfriend and I went on a mini World Tour and traveled to Italy, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and France. We originally planned to take this trip in 2020, however due to the Pandemic a lot of International Countries closed its borders to US travelers. So this year, we crossed our fingers, did plenty of research and waited for restrictions to lift. This trip was not the easiest to plan, and required hours of research. WE looked at Embassy sites to make sure that US travelers were welcomed into these countries and found so much travel inspo on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. We were faced with flight cancellations  - one of the airlines we booked even went out of business: Alitalia. 
In each country, we already had an idea of where we wanted to visit and knew exactly what we wanted to do, so with much of our information gathered from our 2020 pre-pandemic research, we decided now would be the best time to travel as restrictions started to lift. We confirmed a lot of our flights this year and a few flights were repurchased with the vouchers we were given when we booked the original trip in 2020. 
To share the beauty of each country, I decided to split them up in five separate post and create a travel guide with tips for you because it would be too much to share five countries in one post. We took so many photos and we also decided to document the trip and create a vlog which will be posted to either my youtube channel or the Marius and Nat youtube page ( I'll keep you updated on this). So I hope you're excited for what's to come, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

-Nat. Scott