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Jul 13, 2023

Traditionally Married in Douala, Cameroun

Special thank you to Ultime Photography Events for capturing these amazing moments 

In February 2023, my husband and I along with a few closest friend traveled from  the DMV to Douala, Cameroon. This was my first time traveling to the continent of Africa and I just so happened to be marrying the love of my life. After 12+ hours of flying, we landed at Douala International. Airport. We stayed in Cameroon for about 10 days and it happened to be one of the most magical trips I've ever taken. I was so honored to have met my husbands family, eat delicious food and explore his country.  Here are a few pictures from our wedding day. 

The morning of the wedding, my husband presented me with this beautiful Emerald ring from James Allen

I love this ring so much. Not only does this ring symbolize his love. especially being presented in his home country, but Emerald is also the focal color for our American wedding in 2024. 

I made custom goodie bags for our American friends who traveled with us on this journey.

I filled the bags with Emergen-C, Wet Ones (hand wipes), Purrell Sanitizer Singles, Mouthwash from Go Mouthwash, Shout wipe & Go, Liquid IV Hydration Multipliers and a keep change in the shape of Cameroon with the Cameroon flag.



So. thankful for these girls. They all came with us from the DMV. I'm so honored to have shared this special moment with them. 


Fittings for Gown#1 which was designed by Shasha

My husband was sworn in as a Nobleman for his village in Cameroon.

Jul 11, 2023

Bridesmaids Proposal - 2024 Bride

In February 2023, I married my husband in Douala, Cameroon in front of his family and friends.  Unfortunately, all of my family and loved ones were unable to make it, so here we are, getting married in in America in 2024. Hence I'm also a 2024 bride. The American or "white wedding" will be happening in Baltimore, MD and I decided to formally ask my close friends (new and old) to be apart of the 2024 wedding. 

Bridesmaids Proposal: Thanks to PINTEREST, Tiktok and Youtube, I was able to find so much inspiration for the bridesmaids proposal boxes. I decided to have the brunch at a Perennial which is a beautiful restaurant with an outdoor terrace located in Towson, MD.  Unfortunately due to the rain, and the humidity, I decided to move the brunch to their private room.   

I told each of the girls that I was having a bridal brunch, but I really wanted them to be surprised when they realized it was a bridesmaids proposal


Cake was made by Blue Crab Cupcakes located in Annapolis, MD
                                                        We hope to see you in 2024 

- xo Nat